The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality

Steven's analogy to the postal service is the most apt in this video. We need actual Net Neutrality but we also need infrastructure investment and the alternative was to increase everyone's internet bill and no one was going to be happy about it. By billing heavy users like Youtube money is going to come from advertising companies that advertise for those same big companies that people seem to hate so much.

According to Commissioner 'Rielly —one of the few people who's actually read the order—there is not a shred of evidence in the order that any aspect of this structure is necessary.” The record leading up to last week's vote contained evidence of only five instances in the history of the internet where ISPs may have thwarted content providers' access to end-users, none of which required heavy-handed net neutrality rules to address.

As the FCC prepares to vote on new Open Internet rules that will open the door for increased investment and digital innovation, there is a lot of misinformation that this is the "end of the world as we know it" for the Internet. All of the fear-mongering in support of Net Neutrality about censorship, throttling data, big business charging higher rates, etc… IS ONLY MADE POSSIBLE BY THE GOVERNMENT RESTRICTING COMPETITION.

The elimination of net neutrality gives companies the full right to track our packets using deep packet inspection for the purpose of treating our data partially. Both companies are likely to be targets if NN is repealed: ISPs don't care how they're making money, they just care that they haven't been gifted a suitable tribute.

Companies like Comcast don't have to worry that their users will simply select from another ISP that is still offering an open internet. This should be about the American people wanting a free and open internet versus the ISP lobbyists who just want to line their pockets, not left vs right.

The new catch-all provision may well apply to internet companies that now think they're not subject to the rules. In fact while Net Neutrality sets regulations for ISP's treatment of data, these giants are free to throttle data as they see fit. It also requires all Internet providers to disclose their net neutrality practices, and will hold ISPs accountable to these practices.

You were sold a bill of goods when activists told you net neutrality was all about protecting the next Facebook” from evil ISPs. The commercial implies that the new rules will have already taken effect and you will need to pay to have the same Internet access Steven Crowder Net Neutrality Video as one had before the repeal.

With net neutrality, the government puts a price fix on the Internet that eliminates value, demand, and competition. The internet is not a public utility, anyone should have the opportunity of becoming an ISP, net neutrality hinders this. Net neutrality is the notion that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) shouldn't be able to "slow down, speed up, or block data as it is routed from its content originator to end users" in order to favor particular sites.

But net neutrality advocates have sounded alarms that the repeal could give internet providers too much control over how online content is delivered. Meanwhile, other ISPs have increased their offerings to compete: Verizon and AT&T both recently announced plans to offer higher-speed Internet hookups for customers in select areas.

By billing heavy users like Youtube money is going to come from advertising companies that advertise for those same big companies that people seem to hate so much. I sincerely hope that in the event that it stays, people will prefer to use ISPs that won't throttle their connections and won't offer premium connectivity packages, keeping things fair.

I do know I'm more than a little suspicious of the very same folks that brought in all the cable regulations 10 years ago which seriously decreased services and caused rates to go up. I was doing work for the cable companies back then, working on their equipment.

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